<![CDATA[Picture This Photography - Blog]]>Mon, 04 Jan 2016 06:15:13 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Announcing...The Exclusive Holiday Series Collection!]]>Fri, 18 Sep 2015 07:29:33 GMThttp://www.paigespicturethis.com/blog/announcingthe-exclusive-holiday-series-collectionI am SO excited to FINALLY announce the launch of my Exclusive Holiday Series Collection!  You'll want to get in on this now to have the "First in Series" of each piece of the collection!
This is an all-inclusive collection.  One price includes the session and all the amazing pieces.  What's included?

  1. Your session fee is included in the price.
  2. A beautiful 16x20" float wrap of your sweet family, ready to hang on the wall.  This is not like any other print or canvas you may have seen.  I LOVE these!  No need to frame.
  3. A premium 2015-dated photo ornament for your Christmas tree.  This adorable ornament will also proudly state "First in Series".  You'll love adding to your collection and seeing the new ornament style each year!
  4. A shareable video slideshow.  Use it as your "Merry Christmas!" in the world of social media.  Everyone will oooh and aaah over your family's beautiful images!
  5. Christmas cards!  You'll get 25 completely custom, folded cards and envelopes featuring your beautiful family.  You are welcome to order additional cards if you need them for just $3 each.  The best part is, your return address will be pre-printed on your envelopes!  What a time-saver!
  6. This one is my all-time favorite.  A custom linen folio box filled with your ten favorite images, printed on 8x10" ultra-thick art paper, and a mini table-top easel for display! "2015" will be displayed on the back of each print, so you can always add to your collection and keep those memories straight from year to year.  You will love being able to switch out the image you have on display, or you could hide them away in the sturdy box.  Maybe you'll choose to use these prints as gifts for family and friends, and reuse your box for something else.  This is hands-down THE favorite product my clients order from me, whether it be for family, maternity, child, senior, engagement, boudoir, wedding, corporate headshot...You won't want to stop looking at these!  You may also add additional images to your box.  The BEST part about this box collection?!  It also includes a digital download of each image in the box, printable up to 8x10!  So you can make more prints for friends and family!
  7. And ONLY if you book by the end of October, I will even add the coveted set of three mini brag books to your order!

And as always, every image you order will be available for download for use on social media!

The value of this collection, if you were to order a la carte, is $2035!  But these ornaments and slideshows are only available in this collection!  There is no other way to get them!  Take this opportunity to get in on the "First in Series" Collection for just $945!  You've been telling yourself you need to have professional family portraits done for the last (how many?!) years!  You've been wanting to send out the perfect Christmas cards ON TIME!

This is the time!  Yes, it's only September, but think about how hectic it would be to cram all this into a month before Christmas!  You will need the time to do the session, ordering, addressing...Do not wait until November, when there is already so much going on.  You could have your cards, and all your other beautiful products, in your hands and on your walls before Thanksgiving!  Spend all that holiday time with your family, not stressing about family portraits and Christmas cards.

Call, text, or email Paige NOW to book your session!
  • 517.740.6462
  • paige@paigespicturethis.com

There is a limit to how many family sessions I can do in a season.  Available dates are already getting booked up, so you should grab one of these dates while they are still open!
In order to have your images perfected, ordered, packaged, and delivered by Thanksgiving, sessions are limited to the following date:
  • October 17 (no longer available)
  • October 18 (two spots)
  • October 24 (one spot)
  • October 25 (one spot)
  • November 1 (two spots)
  • November 7 (no longer available)
  • November 8 (two spots)

I can't wait to work with you!  Merry Christmas!  : )


    Complete the form if you would like to book.  I will be in contact with you.  To reach me sooner, call/text/email me instead! :)

<![CDATA[My Start in Photography]]>Thu, 27 Aug 2015 15:43:38 GMThttp://www.paigespicturethis.com/blog/my-start-in-photography

Film. Do you remember those little rolls?? I still have some in a drawer. A few of them have never been used, but many have memories on them I have never had developed and probably never will...They're probably no good any more. I remember a junk drawer in our house when I was growing up, and it had about 20 used rolls of film in it. No idea what was on them or who took the pictures. It was probably either my dad or me. I remember him always having the latest gadgets...you know, the video camera he had to hold on his shoulder and carry the VCR on his hip, hanging on a shoulder strap. No joke. Oh, and the Apple IIe computer, and eventually a Compaq with an early version of Windows, called Tabworks. He had a film SLR camera, too. I don't really remember if he got that before or after realized my love for freezing time on film, but I think he's the one I got my photography bug from!

I remember, one summer day, some of my extended family was at our house. My cousin Lisa and I must have been shopping through the Sunday paper ads. There in the Kmart ad was a really basic point and shoot film camera for $19.99. We both had to have one. We begged, and our parents took us and we each got one! The way I remember it, I used my own money to buy it, but I could be mistaken. :) Maybe it was my birthday and I used my birthday money??!! Anyway, I loved that thing. I loved the cheap "springy" sound of the shutter button, the whirring sound it made when the film advanced, and I loved dropping off my roll of film in the little envelopes at Meijer and the excitement of picking them up a couple days later! Days! We had to wait days to see the images we created! But we didn't know any different.

I have lots of old photo albums full of old pictures I took in high school and college. They're fun to look back at once in a while. I'm glad I got them developed and printed. But I sometimes wonder what memories faded away with the old undeveloped film in the drawer.

It's kind of like the photos many of us have on CDs now. At least we get to see them and they probably have writing in Sharpie telling us what the pictures are. But they're in a drawer. Not printed. Forgotten. And some day we won't have the technology any more to read those CDs, or even worse, the CD will scratch or become corrupt and you won't even be able to pay someone big bucks to retrieve them. Photos aren't meant to be on a CD or to stay in digital format. They are meant to be displayed. Think back to your childhood...do you remember a special picture displayed somewhere? If it hadn't been printed, you never would have seen it.

That's why I don't enjoy giving away digital images. I want you to display them so they become someone's special memory. That's how it works. :) My favorite two parts of doing what I do are the reveal and the delivery. Both involve physical printed products.

I have so many other pieces of the "how I became a photographer" puzzle to tell you about, but this post is long enough. :) Look for my next post in a few days and I'll tell you more!

For now, check out my Summer's End Limited Edition Family Sessions. I am only accepting 10 of these, and there are only 7 left. And yes...they include digitals. Honestly, I'm broke and need to do some sessions to cover the bills. Give me a call!

<![CDATA[My Baby is SIX!]]>Thu, 20 Aug 2015 22:16:32 GMThttp://www.paigespicturethis.com/blog/my-baby-is-six

This girl...she is my life. She's my favorite model, even though she is my most difficult. :) This time, she tried SO hard to do what I asked during her session...but she has so many ants in her pants it was really difficult for both of us! But I wouldn't have it any other way. This is my girl. <3

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<![CDATA[H Family]]>Mon, 13 Jul 2015 00:49:04 GMThttp://www.paigespicturethis.com/blog/h-familyI loved photographing and working with this family! I had the pleasure of working with them five years ago, and again this summer as they celebrated their 40th anniversary! I have learned and gained so much in those five years, and was so happy to be able to provide them with much better services and skills than in the past. Along with their prints, they ordered a beautiful canvas and an amazing signature album of their family of 15, who were visiting from out of state.
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<![CDATA[Sydney - Senior Model - Class of 2016!]]>Sat, 06 Jun 2015 00:58:38 GMThttp://www.paigespicturethis.com/blog/sydney-senior-model-class-of-2016Meet Sydney!  Sydney is going into her senior year at Springport High School.  If you know her, get ahold of her for one of her REP cards, and you will both earn some free prints!

Hair and Makeup by Lindsay Burnett, Lindzstylz.
Paige's Picture This Photography offers full-service photography consultations and sessions.  Call, text or email today to start planning your senior or family session!

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<![CDATA[February Winner!  Spring Family Special Announcement!]]>Mon, 02 Mar 2015 02:00:17 GMThttp://www.paigespicturethis.com/blog/february-winnerAnd the winner is...
Congratulations, Stevi!  I'm looking forward to working with you and your family again! :)

Complete the form below if you are interested in our Spring Family Special.  For a limited time (now through April 4), your Spring Family Session will include a set of my adorable mini accordion-folded brag books...one to keep and two to share!

If you book by March 21, you will also be entered to win a 16x20" image from your session!
*Sorry, you are not eligible if you have won any contests with me in the last 12 months.  Family sessions only.
<![CDATA[SES Daddy Daughter Dance 2015!]]>Sun, 01 Mar 2015 15:11:03 GMThttp://www.paigespicturethis.com/blog/ses-daddy-daughter-dance-2015For the mommies' viewing pleasure...the Daddy Daughter Dance gallery is live! :)  Anyone who ordered has their images posted.  Check them out!

Click here for the gallery!
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<![CDATA[Enter the February Drawing for a FREE Portrait Experience with Picture This Photography!]]>Sat, 21 Feb 2015 14:55:35 GMThttp://www.paigespicturethis.com/blog/enter-the-february-drawing-for-a-free-portrait-experience-with-picture-this-photography
<![CDATA[Beautiful New Albums!]]>Sat, 21 Feb 2015 06:36:48 GMThttp://www.paigespicturethis.com/blog/beautiful-new-albums

I'm slowly revealing some of my new products! This one is tied for my favorite! It's a gorgeous album with an amazing cover, nice sturdy pages, and 10 spreads that lay flat to reveal some images spread across both pages. These can show off 20-40 images, telling a story with your images.

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<![CDATA[Spring Dates ... Book Now!]]>Mon, 16 Feb 2015 20:14:11 GMThttp://www.paigespicturethis.com/blog/spring-dates-book-nowThis senior photographer has started filling up her spring schedule!  NOW is the time for those last-minute 2015 seniors to get their sessions.  But it's also the BEST time for 2016 seniors to book!  You will have tons of time to earn referral bonuses and show off all your awesome photos to your friends!

So if you're in the Jackson, Marshall, Lansing and surrounding areas, get ahold of me and get booked!  Scroll down to the next post and apply to be one of my 2016 Senior Spokesmodels, too!